Patane Group Pty Limited is an Australian registered development and project management, master planning and architectural company in the State of Queensland.

Patane Group is a multi disciplinary company that provides management, planning, design, administration and if required total project control via the following disciplines.

The company is managed and directed by John William Salvatore Patane who was educated at St Joseph’s College Gregory Terrace, a Greater Private School in Brisbane and graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from Queensland University of Technology.

John Patane is a government registered Master Planner, Architect, Development and Project Manager in the States of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, Australia.

The company provides a unique user friendly style of service while specialising in development and project management, master planning and architecture. We provided a direct and personalised service to all clients on all types of projects, large and small.


Our Vision is a futuristic realism of your project, which Patane Group will make a reality.

Making a vision a reality requires the harnessing of talent, human effort and courage with a clear purpose and direction.

A vision without action is a dream.

Action without vision is chaos.

Vision with action can change our world in which we live.


Aesthetics is the Science which deduces from nature and taste the rules and principles of art; the theory of the fine arts.

Aesthetics is the Science of the beautiful, or that branch of Philosophy which deals with its principles or effects; the doctrines of taste.

With regard to our creative services Natural Simplicity is the fundamental philosophy to our Award winning functional and aesthetically pleasing planning and design projects.

Patane Group is proud to be at the leading edge of professional Master Planning and Architecture due to our natural talent, skills, qualifications and knowledge of Aesthetics.


The Patane Group mission is our desire and endeavour to provide perfection in our professional services of Development and Project Management, Master Planning, Architectural Design, Documentation and Contract Administration for our projects regardless of the type or level of services required by our clients.


  • With regard to project facilitation, master planning and architecture the creation of innovative, practical and feasible solutions for all types and sizes of our projects.
  • Achieve our goals via the highest quality of professional service and ethical behaviour.
  • Patane Group Services will add significant financial value to all types of projects for the benefit of our client.
  • Our projects are delivered on time, on budget and an enjoyable experience.
  • The provision of excellence via our professional services will be utilised and beneficial to our clients in the short, medium and long term future.