Key Management & Technical Personnel

Patane Group utilises highly qualified, multi-disciplined, management and technical personnel who work within the master planning, architectural, project management and construction management divisions within the Company.

Patane Group is capable of rapidly expanding personnel, company facilities and office locations should your project require it.


Our highly qualified personnel are recognised within the management, planning, architectural and development professions as talented, competent and innovative.

  • John W S Patane
    Principal Design Architect
    Master Planner
    Principal Development Manager
    Principal Project Manager
    Company Managing Director
  • Rosalinda Gopez
    Qualified Accountant
    Administration Manager
  • George Ziedan
    Business Development Manager
  • Kel Foley
    Executive Design Architect and Master Planner, General Manager
  • Wayne McLennan
    Senior Architect and Planner, Project Team Manager
  • Andrew Nygers
    Senior Architect and Planner, Project Team Manager
  • Mark Lovibond
    Architect, Project Manager, Project Team Manager
  • Stacey Karkasis
    Architect, Project Manager, Project Team Manager
  • Richard Hines
    Builder, Technical Services, Construction Manager
  • Geoffrey Mould
    Specification and Contract Administration Manager
  • Wendy Cross
    Graphic Designer, Presentation Specialist
  • Paul Van Deurse
    Landscape Designer, Documentation and Construction Manager
  • Paul Hodgkinson
    Chief Model Maker and Presentation Specialist


  • Steve Berwick, Qualified
    Team 1 Manager, AutoCad Operator, Architectural Draftsperson
  • Gary Sarela, Qualified
    Team 2 Manager, AutoCad Operator, Architectural Draftsperson
  • Stuart Whitcombe, Qualified
    Team 3 Manager, AutoCad Operator, Architectural Draftsperson
  • Anne-Louise Siwek, Qualified
    Team 4 Manager, AutoCad Operator, Architectural Draftsperson


Patane Group manages and utilises the services of Specialist Consultants to provide specific duties in the following professional services disciplines when required by particular projects.

  • Civil Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Acoustic Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Transport Engineering
  • Hydraulic Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Hydrogeoligical Engineering
  • Landscape Architect
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Town Planner
  • Land Survey and Photogrammetry
  • Environmental Scientists
  • Economists
  • Property Development Financiers
  • Property Development Lawyers


Patane Group is completely automated via the extensive use of IBM compatible computer systems, laser and bubble jet printers for document production and currently utilise the following computer software.

  • AutoCad
  • WordPerfect
  • Natspec
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Outlook Express
  • Microsoft Windows Explorer
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer